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Rua da Urtigueira Nº 562

4410-304 Canelas - VNG - Portugal


Tel.: + 351 22 905 97 10

Fax : + 351 22 906 47 16

ModSecur® MDC - Micro Datacenter

ICT infrastructures are evolving at an unprecedented rate, driven by increased traffic, data processing, number of transactions, cloud computing evolution, Big Data and, more recently by the emergence of IoT and Smart Cities.
The market is in full digital transformation, challenging companies to transform and automate their business processes and develop new technology-based products and services, putting digital transformation as the core of their corporate strategy.

What makes us unique:
- More than 15 years of experience in development, deployment and support;
- The in-house skills to gather all the elements in vertical scaling;
- The commitment relationship we establish with our clients;
- The integration of IT and OT (Operational Technologies);
- Support services with high added value.

Benefícios MDC
- Remote management as if it were an extension of a cloud or other datacenter;
- High levels of Physical security;
- Suitable for indoor / outdoor installations, even in harsh environments;
- Plug & Play;
- Connectivity and processing in the periphery;
- Solve latency problems;
- Reduces bandwidth needs.

Differentiation: Fully assembled in factory; Vertical scaling of all components; High efficiency: the free cooling option allows cooling with the use of outdoor air whenever environmental conditions are favorable; Excellent value for money.




Rua Poeta Bocage nº 11D, Comércio 3,

1600-581, Lisboa


Tel.: +351 21 848 5169

Fax: +351 21 848 5170




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