Case Study: ModSecur Micro Datacenter is the choice of the Municipality of Felgueiras for its technological renovation

ModSecur Micro Datacenter
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The Municipality of Felgueiras has recently restructured its technological infrastructure through the implementation of ModSecur Micro Datacenter, a 100% Portuguese product developed by Maxiglobal.

The challenge

“We were weak in terms of technological infrastructure, translating into inefficiency at methodological levels, creating a negative impact on the entire organization.”, tells us. Hélio Sousa, responsible for the Administrative Modernization Service at the Municipality of Felgueiras. “There were flaws at every level. We had limitations in terms of energy, network infrastructure and even physical space, as it was not possible to properly accommodate all the components”, he adds.

The solution

The choice was a Micro Datacenter type solution, as it is an infrastructure that responds “to all the needs of the Municipality”, contrary to the projected solution. Initially, it was planned to implement a “traditional data center that would take up a lot of space”. After knowing the characteristics of micro data centers, the decision was easy. “It is a resilient, secure and compact solution. This translates into total availability, energy efficiency and better space optimization. In addition, it has an excellent quality/price ratio”, says Hélio Sousa.

Non-stop operation

The ModSecur Micro Datacenter implemented in Felgueiras includes redundant HVAC and rescued energy systems, a fire detection and extinguishing system, physical and logical security and a DCIM (ModSecur EMS) management system that allows remote monitoring of the infrastructure in real time. The equipment’s redundancy guarantees high availability. Upstream, a 20kVA/kW UPS, in “hot-standby” ECO operation, guarantees power to the entire infrastructure for a period of more than 16 hours in the event of a power failure.

“Before this restructuring we had constant failures. We currently have 100% stability and zero crashes. Our servers have excellent uptime and this makes our team much more confident in our infrastructure”, tells us Hélio Sousa.

As it is an hermetic solution, the ModSecur Micro Datacenter does not produce disturbing noises and can be installed in any environment. In the case of the Municipality of Felgueiras, it is installed in the “open space” of the IT services. In addition to this advantage, it also has the particularity of being 2N redundant in the main components and an “all swappable” solution, which means total availability at all times, including during preventive and corrective maintenance processes, with an MTTR of less than 5min.

Energy Efficiency – PUE 1.3

Reducing energy consumption was one of the main concerns of the Municipality. The perfect separation between cold and hot air, combined with the efficiency of the cold-producing units and the UPS, allows for a significant reduction in energy consumption.

ModSecur MDC features a PUE of 1.3. “The reduction in energy consumption and the subsequent reduction in infrastructure costs is something that we greatly value and we are very satisfied with the solution”, says Hélio Sousa.

In addition to the data center implementation project, the entire cabling of the City Council was also restructured. “We moved the entire main connectivity infrastructure, namely between the primary data center and the replica data center. New fibers were installed, we changed the switching solution and now we have reliable and flicker-free connectivity”, he says.

Project completed successfully

“Maxiglobal has always been very flexible, responding to a demanding technical specification and presenting the most advantageous financial proposal”.

The team is always available and ready to respond to all our requests, contributing with new data that allowed us to optimize the infrastructure to the maximum”, he concludes.


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