Maxiglobal implements Wi-Fi Network in Primary Schools in the municipality of Matosinhos

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Maxiglobal implements Wi-Fi Network in Primary Schools in the municipality of Matosinhos

The widespread use of mobile devices in schools, boosted by the pandemic, led the Municipality of Matosinhos to provide primary schools with new means to connect all equipment and ensure better connectivity.

The need for better connectivity in schools led the Municipality of Matosinhos to seek a solution that would allow the restructuring of the entire network, in order to increase its availability, reliability and performance. “There was a lot of pressure on the existing infrastructure. This is how we started the restructuring process, with the aim of having good connectivity in all rooms. Additionally, we wanted to have reporting and statistics, to understand the levels of use of the network”, tells us Bruno Oliveira, Director of the Department of Information Systems of the Municipality of Matosinhos.

Ambitious and successful project

Maxiglobal was responsible for the entire physical part of the project. It carried out an exhaustive survey of needs, in order to understand the real state of the infrastructure. After analyzing the current situation, it was concluded that it was necessary to modernize the entire network, as “it was not possible to install the access points with the old infrastructure”. The designed solution was implemented, consisting of the installation of the new cabling and the reorganization of the racks.

The installed cabling infrastructure aims to provide better performance and easier management. This was a challenging project, not only because of the number of schools involved – 36 educational institutions – but also because of the constraints to carry out the work. “The restructuring was carried out during class hours and there were some precautions in terms of noise, so as not to interrupt the teaching activity. We didn’t have any complaints at any school, which is very positive, as these jobs are usually quite intrusive. Everything went well”, says Bruno Oliveira.

Trusted partner

The Municipality of Matosinhos had previously worked with Maxiglobal. Given the level of satisfaction with previous projects, the choice was obvious on the part of the Municipality. “Maxiglobal has a lot of know-how in this area and allowed us to do the job very quickly and professionally, despite the difficult conditions. We were very impressed with the professionalism of the company”, adds Bruno Oliveira.

“The feedback on this remodeling has been very positive, with significant gains in the experience of using the Wi-Fi network in schools”.

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