DRCN implements ModSecur Micro Datacenter

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The short implementation period of the solution, the small space and the energy efficiency were the decisive factors that led the Regional Directorate for Culture of the North (DRCN) to implement the ModSecur Micro Datacenter.

The DRCN belongs to the Ministry of Culture of Portugal that has, among other responsibilities, to issue opinions on works and interventions in properties of heritage interest, monitor actions to enhance the archaeological heritage and manage cultural assets and museums.

This organization did not have any dedicated space for the data center infrastructure and felt the need to modernize it. “We decided to acquire new equipment and we needed a space to house them, as previously we had the servers spread over several buildings. In this sense, we studied the market and after analyzing the available options, we realized that the ModSecur Micro Datacenter was ideal to meet our needs”, says Pedro Cabral, IT Specialist at DRCN.

The implementation of ModSecur Micro Datacenter at DRCN has as main objective the centralization of the IT infrastructure. The new data center is located at Casa de Ramalde, which currently houses the Cultural Assets Services Department.

Space optimization

One of the main strengths that DRCN identified in ModSecur Micro Datacenter was its reduced size and the total availability of the number of internal U’s. Today, it is essential to invest in compact solutions that allow the data center to be housed in any space. Traditional data centers tend to be oversized, inflexible and of low efficiency, which leads to high energy and maintenance costs. This reality led DRCN to opt for the ModSecur solution.

“This was the best proposal in terms of cost/benefit ratio. This space will be enough for us for many years, because IT systems are getting smaller and smaller and have greater processing and storage capacity”, says Pedro Cabral.

ModSecur MDC is a high security micro data center infrastructure solution, consisting of a modular steel structure, with high thermal and fire insulation and IK10 and IP65 resistance. It houses 84U’s (2 racks of 42U’s), fully available for the customer’s infrastructure, redundant UPS, redundant cooling systems, fire detection and extinguishing system, access control system, video surveillance and a real-time monitoring.

High security and modularity

ModSecur Micro Datacenter provides high levels of security, something highly valued by DRCN. “Now we have a closed physical space, equipped with all the safety equipment, which gives us the guarantee that everything is protected”, adds Pedro Cabral.

Micro data centers are an emerging trend in the IT market. In addition to offering all the features of a traditional data center, they are also modular and scalable, allowing their capacity to be increased as the needs of organizations evolve.

Project successfully completed

The implementation of ModSecur Micro Datacenter went well. “The Maxiglobal team performed very well. Everything was executed in the best way and we are very satisfied with the final result”, concludes Pedro Cabral.

ModSecur Micro Datacenter is an efficient choice for modernizing and reducing the costs of organizations’ IT infrastructure. In addition to the benefits described, it also has the advantage of being “swappable” in its key components, which means that it is possible to remove and replace its main components without interrupting their use. It features an MTTR (Medium Time to Repair) of less than 5 minutes, ensuring infrastructure continuity and availability.

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