Lousada Municipality implements SMR as a disaster recovery solution

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In order to replicate its main infrastructure to ensure continuity of services, the Municipality of Lousada recently implemented ModSecur Smart IT Rack. Smart IT Rack is modular, scalable and designed according to the needs of the Municipality.

The search for a solution that would allow putting into practice the disaster recovery plan of the Municipality of Lousada led to the implementation of ModSecur Smart IT Rack, a 100% national solution developed by Maxiglobal. “We are very satisfied with our new infrastructure, which will be a replica of our primary data center”, says Carlos Barbosa, responsible for the Municipality’s IT infrastructure. “We intended to implement a solution that was equipped with a cooling system, access control and a fire detection and extinction system. The choice of Smart IT Rack was obvious to us, as it is a solution that integrates all these features and still has an excellent quality/price ratio”, adds Carlos Barbosa.

Guaranteed security

ModSecur Smart IT Rack is available in Racks from 24U to 47U, featuring a modular, scalable and redundant construction. It is a complete solution, consisting of an IT rack or multiples of it, which integrates a redundant DX (direct expansion) type HVAC system inside, a redundant rescue energy distribution system, an environmental and alarm monitoring system and a set of options, such as fire detection and extinction system, access control system, smart display, among others.

For the Municipality of Lousada, safety and energy efficiency are the two strong points of Maxiglobal’s solution. “Energy efficiency is an increasingly important topic in this area, especially in terms of cost optimization, which is why it is very relevant to us. SMR guarantees us maximum efficiency and is extremely safe. In a small space, it integrates all the security components that we consider essential for total confidence in the solution”.

The importance of disaster recovery

Despite not being the main infrastructure, the new data center brings greater peace of mind to the IT team of the Municipality of Lousada. “ModSecur Smart IT Rack guarantees maximum availability in all scenarios. We know that if something happens in the main data center, we are safeguarded”, adds Carlos Barbosa. The new data center ensures that IT infrastructure is recoverable even in disaster scenarios.

Maximum professionalism

“Maxiglobal’s team was always very professional from the first to the last minute, constantly showing a great concern with customer satisfaction”, says Carlos Barbosa. In conclusion, he describes the implemented solution as “efficient, secure and simple (from the user’s point of view)”.

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