EMEL implements ModSecur MDC to restructure its technological infrastructure

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The restructuring of the entire infrastructure brought significant improvements in the communication of EMEL’s headquarters. ModSecur® Micro Datacenter is a differentiating, scalable and robust solution.

EMEL, a municipal public mobility management company in the city of Lisbon, chose the Modsecur® brand to contribute to the technological restructuring of its IT park.

It was identified the need to create redundancy of communications at its headquarters, as well as the certification of all its networks and a technological restructuring of parks currently underway.

With the main responsibility of improving mobility in the capital, EMEL believes that its good work contributes to the improvement of the city and it is necessary to use the best tools available on the market.

Portuguese solution

ModSecur® MDC is a complete and compact solution that includes highly efficient redundant HVAC and rescue energy systems, fire detection and extinguishing systems, physical and logical security, powerbox and a DCIM management system (ModSecur® EMS – Environmental Monitoring System).

Like all products developed by Maxiglobal, ModSecur® MDC can be supplied as-a-Service, and it is a solution fully developed and produced in Portugal.

The ModSecur® brand has been a differentiating bet for Maxiglobal, which not only aims to position the brand as market excellence, but also, from the customer’s point of view, to convey confidence and personalization, which are fundamental in an era in which sudden changes and disruptive paradigms are real.

Effectiveness and professionalism

Paulo Nunes, IT Director of EMEL, says that the decisive factor for choosing this solution was “the need to restructure the entire telecommunications network of the different sites” and that “the solution was already known by our CTO Tiago Teixeira, because Maxiglobal is very well referenced in the market”.

The IT Director adds that the restructuring of the entire infrastructure brought significant improvements in the communication of the EMEL headquarters and the implementation of this new Micro data center brought an improvement in the reliability of the existing equipment, allowing for the innovation and implementation of hyper-converged high-availability solutions.

All this restructuring guarantees a significant improvement not only in the infrastructure, but also in the associated application component. Fire extinguishing systems, electrical safeguards, sound insulation and fire were decisive in the choice of the solution.


The ModSecur® MDC solution is one of the brand’s turnkey solutions, specific to the SME data center solution, for disaster recovery of large companies and for edge computing. It is a modular, scalable, portable solution with IP65 and IK10 certification.

Maxiglobal’s main objective is to ensure the satisfaction of its customers and to present solutions that aim at information security, technical accessibility and business sustainability.

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