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Fafe Municipality implements new ModSecur data center

ModSecur Micro Datacenter, designed and implemented by Maxiglobal, was the choice of the Fafe Municipality to restructure its technological infrastructure. The new data center implemented in Fafe meets all the requirements of the City. “The solution we chose offers us physical security and features redundancy of essential components. In addition, it is equipped with a monitoring and alarm system, which is... read more

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Lipor implements ModSecur Micro Datacenter as its main infrastructure

The new data center increased the levels of security and resilience of the company Lipor  in Porto. The solution is compact, but robust, and is fully developed in Portugal. The ModSecur Micro Datacenter powered by Maxiglobal was Lipor's choice for renovating its data center. “We had a server room, we couldn't even say it was a real data center. It was... read more

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EMEL implements ModSecur MDC to restructure its technological infrastructure

The restructuring of the entire infrastructure brought significant improvements in the communication of EMEL's headquarters. ModSecur® Micro Datacenter is a differentiating, scalable and robust solution. EMEL, a municipal public mobility management company in the city of Lisbon, chose the Modsecur® brand to contribute to the technological restructuring of its IT park. It was identified the need to create redundancy of communications at... read more