Terms and conditions

  1. Introduction

These terms and conditions regulate the access and use of the website www.maxiglobal.pt, which is the total responsibility of Maxiglobal – Equipamentos e Serviços de Informática, SA, legal person nº 504320882, with registered office at Rua da Urtigueira, nº 562, 4410-304, Canelas, from now on designated byMaxiglobal.

Visiting this website gives the designation of “user” and implies acceptance of its terms and conditions. Whenever there are legal issues related to the website, they can be consulted in Maxiglobal’s Privacy Policy.

  1. Content Property

When visiting the website, the user does not have any right to the content provided. All information included on this website, which includes titles, texts, images, photographs, icons and data sheets, is the intellectual property of Maxiglobal.

  1. License

Maxiglobal authorizes any user to visit the website for personal or informational purposes only, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

The user can view, print and import content from this website under the following conditions:

a) When the activity is compatible with the purpose of the website

b) When there is the purpose of obtaining information for personal and private use

c) When there is a need to access any website service

  1. Forbidden activities

All activities that are considered by Maxiglobal as inconvenient and/or liable to illegality are prohibited, in accordance with the legislation in force applied to this website, including, but not limited to:

a) Reproduce, copy, distribute and transfer the information contained in this website;

b) Use information for commercial purposes, except when expressly authorized by Maxiglobal’s Administration;

c) Send private information without the consent of the affected person;

d) Use this website to defame Maxiglobal or its employees;

e) Manipulate or use without authorization the databases that store the information contained in this website;

f) Upload files that contain viruses to the website;

g) Prevent the normal functioning of this website;

h) Use this website for illegitimate purposes against Maxiglobal or against third parties.

  1. Cookies

Maxiglobal uses search technology through Cookies. Maxiglobal’s policy regarding the use of Cookies is defined in the Cookies Policy available on this website.

  1. Updates

We reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions. Please visit this page frequently to review the information and to see any new information.