Cooling Solutions

Cooling systems are crucial for the functioning of IT solutions. Insufficient ventilation and/or cooling due to higher density IT equipment leads to overheating, which results in premature equipment failure, poor performance and system breakdown. Our cooling solutions are designed to provide year-round efficiency and prevent system breakdowns. The design of an HVAC solution for an IT infrastructure implies detailed knowledge of some characteristics/requirements of the room, namely: total necessary cooling power, distribution of heat dissipation, identification of possible areas with hotspots, room design (high ceiling , raised floor, air ducts, etc.), as well as any air containerization strategies, through cold or hot aisle isolation.


ModSecur 3AXIS

ModSecur® 3AXIS was designed to improve efficiency in cooling the racks by physically separating the cold aisle and the hot aisle by containerizing the cold/hot aisle.
Studies carried out by independent entities reveal that the implementation of this type of solution translates into a 14 to 41% reduction in the total consumption of the data center.


ModSecur inRow

Depending on the requirements of each installation, we use different types of precision cooling units, sometimes combined with high density ModSecur® inRow units, making the infrastructure more efficient and resilient, allowing for uniform and precise control of temperature and air flows. In this way, we ensure the right conditions for the correct operation of critical electronic equipment.