Data Center Solutions


Fast implementation and maximum protection

ModSecur® modular data centers ensure business continuity. Our solutions guarantee protection against fire, humidity and dust. One of the main benefits of modular data centers is the optimization of implementation and operation costs, as it is designed according to the current needs of the Customer. The modularity of its components enables possible to adjust the infrastructure to the Customer's needs at any time.

Maxiglobal, as a leading company in the field of data centers, using its high “Know-How” and capacity for innovation, has, along its path, sought to find solutions that can best respond to the threats that IT Managers will face. The ModSecur® brand has created several types of modular, scalable, secure and autonomous data centers.

ModSecur Modular IT ROOM

ModSecur® Modular IT Room is an IT infrastructure with a modular and scalable architecture adapted to the specific needs of each Client. It guarantees protection against physical threats such as fire, temperature, water, dust, smoke, vandalism, among others. Insulation in modular rooms for data centers also maximizes energy efficiency through thermal insulation.


ModSecur IT Container

ModSecur® Modular IT Container is a complete, prefabricated solution and an excellent option to guarantee operational efficiency, since it allows the expansion of space whenever necessary. Its portability gives it the desired flexibility for a Disaster Recovery and proximity data center solution, making it an intelligent option in the construction of data centers.

ModSecur Micro Data center

ModSecur® Micro Datacenter is an autonomous and complete system that includes cooling, fire detection and extinguishing system, physical and logical security, UPS and also a DCIM management system that allows remote monitoring of the infrastructure in real time. ModSecur® MDC can be equipped with redundant HVAC and power systems (UPS), thus ensuring the availability, continuity and resilience of the infrastructure.


ModSecur Smart IT Rack

ModSecur® SMR is a complete solution, which includes a 3 to 6 kW cooling system (with the possibility of redundancy), a UPS-assisted power system, access control, environmental monitoring and management and fire detection and extinguishing in a rack. As-a-service can be used, allowing a more reduced and diluted investment over time.