Technical Management and Monitoring

Having an immediate overview of data center operations through real-time device alarms and detailed location-based information is indispensable for efficient and effective management of data center infrastructure. Small data center infrastructures or technical installations have been evolving in terms of equipment security and monitoring. Regardless of its size, it is crucial to avoid service disruptions and have an overview of the state of the infrastructure.

ModSecur DMS – Datacenter Management System

DMS is a solution based on an open architecture web platform that offers mobility, flexibility, scalability and resilience. It allows a complete integration of all the equipment crucial for the operation of a critical data center infrastructure.

- Temperature and humidity monitoring;
- Air flow measurements;
- Electrical circuits status monitoring;
- Current flow, power and voltage measurements;
- PUE index measurements;
- Command and control;
- Dashboards;
- Alarmistic;
- Notifications via email and SMS.


ModSecur EMS – Environmental Management System

With the ModSecur® EMS system it is possible to keep any data center or technical installation under permanent surveillance by monitoring temperature, humidity, smoke, intrusion, flooding, improper entry and power failures. It is an integrated appliance, customized for each client and installation, capable of being installed anywhere and with remote access through an IP network.

ModSecur BMS – Building Management System

Only through effective monitoring of all sectors of an installation will it be possible to take appropriate decisions to improve performance. It is also important to ensure that each subsystem of a building, from climate control to security, works together in a cohesive way, as if it were a single unit. ModSecur® BMS guarantees a complete integration of all subsystems that need to interact within the same installation, even if they are from different manufacturers, such as:
- Lighting;
- Energy ;
- Access control;
- Video surveillance;
- Fire detection and extinguishing.

An innovative technological solution, with an open, intuitive architecture, via web, that offers mobility, flexibility, scalability and resilience to create a comfortable, safe and sustainable environment.


Towards the future with smart cities

The concept of smart cities is transforming the world by using technology and intelligence in public management. Cities that incorporate IT solutions to integrate and optimize municipal operations, reduce costs, improve residents' quality of life and become more sustainable. The ModSecur® City Management System (CMS) solution is a municipal management system that allows:

- manage car parks through an online platform with restricted access;
- manage city lighting;
- manage traffic through intelligent traffic light control;
- manage building resources remotely.

ModSecur® CMS allows you to centralize the control of a municipality's information so that it serves as the basis for the city's strategic decisions.