Problem-free power supply

We design solutions based on aligning the specifics of each installation with the business objectives. We seek to improve energy efficiency taking into account the systems, equipment and available processes that can contribute to the overall performance of the installation. Energy costs are mainly caused by inefficient, inadequate or obsolete technologies and misaligned maintenance services. It is based on these data that Maxiglobal implements measures whose focus is on improving the efficiency of air conditioning, lighting and control systems, using innovative and highly efficient technologies.


ModSecur UPS

Maxiglobal presents a complementary offer - under the ModSecur UPS brand - capable of ensuring total service continuity in all facilities. Currently, one of the main concerns of organizations is reducing energy costs (reducing carbon footprint), contributing to a greener and more environmentally sustainable planet. To meet market demands, Maxiglobal has created an offer that aims to meet various energy needs.

All ModSecur UPS systems are double conversion online for maximum protection and compatibility with critical and sensitive loads, with power ranging from 1kVA to 2.4MVA.


As a result of a long-standing partnership with world-renowned manufacturers such as Riello and Delta, Maxiglobal offers a wide range of equipment, aimed at various market segments and applications. With several input/output options and power between 350 VA and 6.4 MVA, we ensure an effective and adequate response to the most demanding market requirements.


ModSecur Power Container

ModSecur® Power Container is a solution suitable for large energy needs, with the following features:

- Specialized energy infrastructure;
- Structure in standard container for easy transport;
- Fire detection and extinguishing system;
- Coating with fire protection panels;
- Fire access door;
- Access Control Biometric/PIN/Smart Card

Special Electrical Installations

The need to ensure high levels of reliability in the electrical supply to critical infrastructures led us to develop a set of new skills, which currently meet in a specific department, equipped with engineers and technicians, dedicated to the design and execution of special electrical installations, for buildings with different functions. We handle each project uniquely, always bearing in mind the optimization of investment and operating costs.

- Production and distribution systems;
- Design and installation of electrical panels;
- Design and installation of lighting systems;
- Technical management systems;
- Smart meetering;
- Commissioning.


Low Voltage Network

Typically, the measures we implement focus on improvements in terms of cooling, lighting and control systems, using innovative and highly efficient technologies. We make available to our customers an energy performance contract, through which the customer pays for the measures implemented in the installation with the savings obtained in energy costs.