Why does a smart city need a smart data center?

Porque é que uma smart city precisa de um data center smart?
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By 2050, 68% of the world’s population is expected to live in urban areas. The greater the concentration of people in these areas, the greater the pressure on local infrastructure, which will bring enormous challenges for municipal institutions and data center solution providers.

Technology will play an even more important role in the future and will revolutionize the way people live in cities and how they interact with all services. Smart cities are already a reality that will evolve even more!

What is the role of the data center in a smart city?

For the smart city to become reality, the presence of state-of-the-art data centers in its proximity is essential. In order to take full advantage of the emerging capacities of these new cities, it is necessary to invest in sophisticated and future-ready infrastructures.

It is in the data center that everything happens. The number of data generated every second has been increasing exponentially in recent years and this will be the trend of the future. With the placement of smart sensors in multiple points in the city, it is mandatory to have an infrastructure that collects, stores and treats them as quickly and efficiently as possible. The computational resources of a smart city must still be scalable, in order to allow growth over time.

But, why does a smart city need a smart data center?

Data is the “soul” of a smart city and it is through them that you can make an intelligent planning of how a city will work. However, before this technology is made available to the population, it is necessary to ensure that the IT infrastructure is able to respond with the necessary proximity to all the requirements of a smart city.

To support this type of cutting-edge technology, it is necessary to invest in a wide range of solutions. Traditional centralized data centers will continue to be part of the digital computing infrastructure of any smart city. However, decentralized and smaller data centers –  micro data centers – will play a decisive role in this new way of life. These smaller infrastructures will have to be located throughout the urban area, ensuring greater proximity to the data processing center.

Micro Data centers powered by Maxiglobal

Maxiglobal designs and implements data center solutions that are based on a modular construction and that allow scalability over time. ModSecur MDC is a high security Micro Data center infrastructure solution, consisting of a modular steel structure, with high thermal and fire insulation and IK10 and IP65 resistance. It houses one or two racks (or more of them), redundant UPS, redundant cooling systems, fire detection and extinguishing system, access control system, video surveillance, monitoring and infrastructure management.

Recently, a new version of ModSecur MDC “all swappable” was launched. It was developed to provide continuous operation, offering reliability at all times, including during maintenance and parts replacement processes. With a modular design and swappable modules, it allows any organization to keep its IT infrastructure 100% operational and adapt to the constant technological and physical changes of organizations. This modular construction, combined with physical and logical security, allows its installation in any physical environment. High availability systems like data centers need to be designed for almost zero downtime over their lifetime.

Solutions for all requirements

In order to respond to all market requests, Maxiglobal developed the ModSecur Smart IT Rack, a complete and compact solution, which includes a 3 to 6 kW cooling system (with the possibility of redundancy), a power system backed by UPS, access control, environmental monitoring and management and fire detection and extinguishing

ModSecur® SMR is available in a 24U to 47U rack. It can be used “as-a-service”, allowing to obtain an excellent cost-benefit ratio. The solution allows the on-premise element of hybrid IT architectures and Edge Data Centers to be implemented in a secure and scalable way in any environment.

Smart cities need not only efficient data centers, but also data centers that guarantee maximum protection for all information and all equipment. At Maxiglobal, we implement data centers that respond to all security requirements. Our solutions are scalable and guarantee  the maximum levels of availability, something absolutely essential in a smart city!

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  • Ashley Woods Reply

    Excellent post! It’s fascinating to learn about the cutting-edge concept of mini data centers. These dispersed spaces will enable technology to function more effectively by facilitating more extensive data storage and speedier processing. In addition, residents of a smart city infrastructure will benefit from the seamless interconnection of devices, people, etc.

    12 de April, 2022 at 11:36

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