Maxiglobal presents national solutions at specialized events

Maxiglobal's primary goals are to enhance the positioning of the ModSecur brand and to establish new partnerships in international markets. We aim to contribute to the internationalization of the Portuguese economy and to sustain our growth trajectory.


Data Centre World Madrid 2023

On October 30th and 31st, Maxiglobal presented innovative national solutions at the largest industry event in Spain. The Data Centre World Madrid event is set to address key topics and trends in growth and expanding technologies. With over 350 speakers sharing their success stories, subjects such as data center efficiency improvement, integration of renewable energies and sustainable strategies, cybersecurity, and more will be covered. At Data Centre World Madrid, Maxiglobal presented its proprietary brand - ModSecur - and will emphasize options for modular and scalable data centers.

data centre world paris

Data Centre World Paris 2022

The Data Centre World Paris is an event dedicated to all the important topics dominating the technology infrastructure sector. With over 100 speakers, 70+ sessions, and more than 100 solution providers, it's designed to offer the most up-to-date industry education and networking for technology professionals dealing with a rapidly changing landscape. Maxiglobal views internationalization as a great opportunity for growth. It also sees this process as a necessity, given the highly dynamic markets where constant change is assured. The need for continuous adaptation is paramount, and Maxiglobal believes that through the right partnerships, it can acquire new knowledge that will enhance its processes and, consequently, its products. Maxiglobal made its debut in the French market through participation in this event. The ModSecur Micro Datacenter served as the company's "calling card," and the feedback on the product was "very positive." With over 170 data centers implemented, Maxiglobal aims to continue its growth and take the ModSecur brand beyond borders. "The overall assessment of our participation in Data Centre World Paris is extremely positive, and we are confident that it will help strengthen our international presence."