Information Security Policy

The present policy of MAXIGLOBAL, SA aims to define the Company’s activity within the scope of:

“Design and development of Data Center solutions, sales, installation and maintenance of equipment and infrastructure for communication networks, electrical networks, electronic security, HVAC and technical management systems in accordance with the SoA”

With reference to the Norm:
• NP EN ISO 27001:2013 “Information Technologies – Security Techniques, Information Security Management Systems – Requirements”.

Maxiglobal – Equipamentos e Serviços de Informática, SA, undertakes to adhere to the implementation and improvement of information security methodologies, with a view to guaranteeing its confidentiality, integrity and availability, in compliance with applicable legislation and other contractual requirements in its activity.

It is our mission to ensure:

– the confidentiality of information, protecting it against unauthorized access and disclosure to unauthorized persons either by deliberate or careless actions
– the integrity of information through protection from unauthorized modification
– the availability of information to authorized users when necessary
– compliance with regulatory and legal requirements
– the establishment of the Statement of Applicability, adopting the appropriate objectives and controls in view of the analysis of the risks to which Maxiglobal is exposed
– the appointment of Persons Responsible for the System, constituting their representatives and guarantors of the operational application of the aforementioned Statement of Applicability
– the production, maintenance and testing, where possible, of a business continuity plan
– raising awareness among Employees, guaranteeing respect for the rules and sharing the principles included in this policy
– the communication and investigation of information security incidents
– penalizing unwanted behaviors with potential impact on the System
– the constant review and adaptation of the system to the evolution of activities and associated risks, the market and technologies.