Full continuity of service guarantee

Maxiglobal presents a complementary offer - under the ModSecur UPS brand - capable of ensuring total service continuity in all facilities. Currently, one of the main concerns of organizations is reducing energy costs (reducing carbon footprint), contributing to a greener and more environmentally sustainable planet. To meet market demands, Maxiglobal has created an offer that aims to meet various energy needs.

All ModSecur UPS systems are double conversion online for maximum protection and compatibility with critical and sensitive loads, with power ranging from 1kVA to 2.4MVA.

Single phase

Available from 1kVA to 10kVA, they can be used to protect IT loads as well as any critical load in industrial environments, buildings, or infrastructures. At power levels of 6kW and 10kW, the equipment has an energy efficiency of over 95%, thus reducing energy costs.

ModSecur UPS
ModSecur UPS

Three-phase (Tri/Mono)

Available from 10kVA to 40kVA. Models up to 30kW are available with either three-phase or single-phase output. They can be used to power larger IT loads (small and medium-sized data centers, such as the ModSecur Micro Datacenter and ModSecur Smart IT Rack), as well as highly critical loads in industrial areas, laboratory equipment, automation systems, healthcare facilities, and other areas.


Available from 10kVA to 600kVA. In this range, we have hot-swappable modular topology equipment with energy efficiency up to 97%. UPS systems prepared for the most specific loads in the market, such as high-capacity and high-criticality data centers, such as the ModSecur IT Room and ModSecur IT Container, as well as larger industrial and healthcare areas. It has a compact and lightweight design capable of advanced battery management to extend its lifespan, thus reducing OPEX operating costs.

ModSecur UPS