Ascendi renews data center with ModSecur® IT Room solution

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The company’s new data center is modular and scalable. It has high levels of security and has been designed according to real needs.

Established in in 1999, Ascendi is a company that operates in the road infrastructure market, having its activity divided into three business areas: asset management, provision of toll collection services and operation & maintenance services. It is a reference entity in the management of motorways in Portugal, being recognized for its capacity for innovation and operational efficiency.

In order to maintain the quality of its operations and ensure the excellence of the services provided, it recently renovated its data center in operation at Maia’s facilities.

Secure, efficient and ready “for the future”

“We need to have a scalable and “futuristic” infrastructure that allows us to increase our capacity without stopping operations, and we have achieved this with the implementation of ModSecur® IT Room”, says Nuno Belgas, Project Manager at Ascendi. The decisive factors for choosing the solution were “the need to increase the security levels of the data center and the references that the ModSecur® brand has on the market”.

The new data center was installed simultaneously with the operation of the old infrastructure, with no service disruption, which allowed the Customer to continue the business.

The technical room is protected against fire, water, dust, humidity and vandalism. Since continuity of services is mandatory in the current world, the solution has redundancy for the backed up energy systems (UPS), cooling and electrical system, thus ensuring a high availability of the entire infrastructure.

Energy efficiency is one of the advantages of the ModSecur® IT Room. Through the containerization of the cold aisle, using the ModSecur® 3 Axis module, the consumption of  cooling equipment was reduced by approximately 35%, increasing the cooling capacity of the units.

The technical room is divided by ModSecur® Cage, an additional physical security layer, designed to guarantee the separation of spaces in data center infrastructures. Like the whole solution, this component is also modular and scalable, allowing the change of size and location whenever necessary. The new data center is also equipped with a video surveillance and access control system. “We feel safer with the infrastructure we have now, as we always know who accesses the site, and we were able to restrict it to only those who are authorized to enter,” says Nuno Belgas.

Constant monitoring

Through ModSecur® DMS it is possible to manage the entire infrastructure remotely and in real time. “We can constantly check if the environment is within the parameters expected for the correct functioning of the equipment, which will allow us to increase its useful life”, says Nuno Belgas. The solution is equipped with an alarm system, which makes it possible to send notifications in real time, reducing the response time of IT managers and increasing efficiency, maintaining the infrastructure with high performance and maximum stability.

Project successfully completed

The data center implementation project corresponded to Ascendi’s expectations and “the deadlines were met, with a constant monitoring by Maxiglobal’s technical and commercial teams”. Nuno Belgas describes the ModSecur® IT Room as being “safe, efficient and flexible”.

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