Maxiglobal and Ifthen present management solution for Civil Protection

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The two companies developed a complete solution for the operational and administrative management of the Civil Protection, Municipal Police and Fire Department services. Combining ModSecur solutions for command and control rooms with Ifprotec – a management solution linked to Iffire – they provide a global, integrated and resilient work tool.

The new solution appears to fill a need identified by Ifthen. “We presented the Ifprotec software, which is the basis of the solution, several times to the Municipal Councils. However, we were often faced with the need to immediately provide a “turnkey” solution, including technical furniture, video walls and technological infrastructure, for example”, says Nuno Breda, Co-CEO of Ifthen. “Municipalities have to deal with several interlocutors to use our software and this became an obstacle, so we identified the urgent need to find a partner that would allow us to offer the physical part of the solution”, he adds.

Ifthen already knew Maxiglobal due to its strong presence in the data center market and the partnership ended up being a natural result. “The area of ​​monitoring is nothing new for us, which is why, given the knowledge we already have in the sector, it seemed totally strategic to invest in this area”, tells us Luís Fernandes de Pinho, CEO of Maxiglobal.

Currently, the Municipalities are required by law to have a structure that allows them to articulate all the Fire Departments, in order to make communication more fluid and management more effective. “It is a window of opportunity for us and we feel that this area – Civil Protection – is “under the spotlight” due to the whole situation of Covid 19 and vaccination, which has been coordinated by this organization. Thus, we feel that there is a greater demand on the part of the population regarding these services. Likewise, municipal services also intend to improve their performance, which is why they are more receptive to this type of solutions”, adds Nuno Breda.

The solution includes the design and assembly of operational rooms, communication centers and crisis rooms. It is implemented with technical furniture, video wall and videoconferencing, servers and UPS, IT infrastructure and data centers. The Ifprotec software uses state-of-the-art responsive technology, enabling the dematerialization of the interface, which allows users to work on any device.

As a differentiating point, it features a bidirectional integration API, which enables the reading and writing of data from other computer applications. The Municipality is always able to visualize the occurrences, even if the other Organization works with a different program. It also has offline redundancy, that is, the main data stored in the Cloud will be synchronized with the IFPROTEC SQL Server so that, in the event of an Internet failure, they continue to have operational capacity.

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