Micro Datacenter 2.0 implemented in Finland

News - Description

MDC 2.0 is already implemented outside Portugal. The new version is “all swappable”, allowing the replacement of the main components without having to turn off the equipment, which guarantees business continuity.

The new version of MDC 2.0 is equipped with modular systems that can be quickly replaced, being a solution that guarantees you business continuity at all times. Its modular construction, combined with physical and logical security, allows it to be installed in any physical environment.

With the implementation of MDC 2.0, the Customer has a secure and scalable solution that guarantees the continuity of operations. In complex environments where high availability is required, as is the case with most IT infrastructures, an operational failure can cause serious damage to organizations. So, choosing a solution like MDC 2.0 is the first step to ensure you don’t suffer unexpected downtime!

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