CRPG implements ModSecur Micro Datacenter as core infrastructure

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Gaia Professional Rehabilitation Center (CRPG) felt the need to increase the security of its technological infrastructure and the choice was the ModSecur Micro Datacenter powered by Maxiglobal.

CRPG was founded 30 years ago with the aim of rehabilitating and reintegrating people with functional diversity associated with disabilities into working life. It provides an integrated and personalized set of services within the scope of professional rehabilitation, providing support in the development of qualifications and in the access, maintenance and recovery of employment.

Security: a key point for any organization

“We had a very old wiring. We started with a single server and now we have 40 virtual servers and 5 physical servers. We realized that we had to increase the security of our infrastructure, as we only had a cooling solution in the room where the serves were and we didn’t have control over access or any fire detection and extinguishing solution”, says Filipe Ferreira, System Administrator of CRPG.

CRPG initially looked for access control solutions to increase the physical security of its technical room. However, Maxiglobal studied the structural needs of the customer and presented several solutions. “Maxiglobal’s proactivity was decisive for us to choose the ModSecur Micro Datacenter. After knowing all the valences of the solution, we realized that this was exactly what we needed”, adds Filipe Ferreira.

Portability and scalability: essential features for the future

ModSecur Micro Datacenter presents essential features for CRPG. “The fact that it was a portable solution was a decisive factor. If we had opted for a traditional data center, we would be much more limited if we wanted to change facilities in the future”, says Filipe Ferreira. The implemented data center is scalable and modular, allowing for optimization of implementation and operating costs. The infrastructure can be adjusted to the customer’s needs at any time.

High physical protection and constant monitoring

The implemented solution guarantees high physical protection, by obtaining IP65 and IK10 certifications. It is composed of hermetic panels with fire resistance.

The new CRPG data center includes a redundant cooling control system, a rescued power system, a fire detection and extinguishing system by Novec, an access control and video surveillance system and an environmental monitoring system – the ModSecur EMS.

“We weren’t even aware that we were missing something as important as alarmism. This gives us peace of mind because we know that if there is a problem we will be notified and we can act in good time”, says Filipe Ferreira.

ModSecur EMS keeps any technical installation under permanent surveillance through real-time monitoring of temperature, humidity, smoke, intrusion, floods and power failures. Its alarm system informs the user via e-mail and/or SMS whenever any value falls outside the previously defined standards.

The right partnerships for success

The project took place in partnership with ActiveSys, a company that offers design and implementation services for information systems integration, data and file protection, security and networking, unified communications, as well as business management solutions.

“Maxiglobal had an exemplary performance. The team was proactive and really understood our needs and suggested products that effectively met them. In terms of implementation, we were pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of the team in all aspects. The entire post-implementation service was also great”, concludes Filipe Ferreira.

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