Lipor implements ModSecur Micro Datacenter as its main infrastructure

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The new data center increased the levels of security and resilience of the company Lipor  in Porto. The solution is compact, but robust, and is fully developed in Portugal.

The ModSecur Micro Datacenter powered by Maxiglobal was Lipor’s choice for renovating its data center. “We had a server room, we couldn’t even say it was a real data center. It was a space that had too much movement and easy access”, reveals João Veríssimo, IT Technician at Lipor. With the implementation of this solution, the security levels of the infrastructure increased exponentially, due to the access control and CCTV surveillance systems.

Lipor has also increased its confidence in natural disasters and unexpected problems. “The previous space was exposed to anyone who entered, and we did not have any fire detection and extinguishing system, we only had a fire extinguisher”, João Veríssimo tells us. “At this point, anything can happen, for example floods, that the data center is not affected. We feel safe in terms of access control, fires and natural disasters”, he adds.

Scalability and redundancy

ModSecur Micro Datacenter is an autonomous and complete system that includes cooling, fire detection and extinguishing system, physical and logical security, UPS and also a DCIM management system (ModSecur® EMS) that allows remote monitoring of the infrastructure in real time. The solution features redundant HVAC and power systems (UPS), thus ensuring the availability, continuity and resilience of the infrastructure. For João Veríssimo, this is a “safe, robust and innovative” solution. In addition to its characteristics, it also has the advantage of being scalable, which guarantees a capacity for growth and business continuity.

Quality Assured

The ModSecur Micro Datacenter is a turnkey solution, Portuguese and with IP65 and IK10 certification. The certifications that Maxiglobal holds were decisive for choosing Lipor, “alongside the high level of security that the solution presents”. The final result could not be more satisfactory: “Maxiglobal presented us with the best solution, they adapted it to the space we had and in terms of deadlines, nothing failed”, says João Veríssimo.

The restructuring of the data center brought more tranquility to the Lipor team. “We highly value the real-time monitoring of the data center, as it allows us to know what is going on every moment, making our work more efficient”, he concludes.

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