ModSecur solution implemented in new Fairjourney Biologics center

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The biotechnology company is one of the world’s leaders in the discovery, engineering and production of antibodies for the treatment of diseases. It has a new research center in Porto and the ModSecur brand was chosen to design security and data center solutions.

FairJourney’s new building is attractive. Located on Avenida AEP, one of the main entrances to the city of Porto, it has a differentiating aspect thanks to its innovative architecture. It has a construction area of ​​8100 square meters comprising 140 laboratories, foyer, meeting rooms and social areas. All the physical security of the building was in charge of Maxiglobal, which implemented an integrated CCTV and access control solution that allows managing access and surveillance of the building.

“Security is our main concern, both at the building level and at the IT level. Therefore, we chose a solution with the highest quality, in order to guarantee total protection when accessing our facilities”, says Nuno Gomes, CIO of FairJourney. The security solution implemented comprises video surveillance cameras, access control system, turnstiles and barriers.

Future-Ready Data Center

The option chosen for the new FairJourney building was the ModSecur IT Room. “For these new installations, we chose solutions that can respond to our needs for a long time. It was imperative to have a scalable data center that would evolve as we grew and ModSecur IT Room fully meets this requirement”, says Nuno Gomes. The data center deployed in the biotech company’s new workspace is modular and scalable and has 120 min fire protection, water, dust, moisture and vandalism. It features redundancy for the backup power systems (UPS), for the HVAC system and also provides a guaranteed emergency power system through a 500kW UPS of power and a generator set, ensuring redundancy and high availability of the entire infrastructure.

Non-stop operation

“We have activities 24 hours a day and we cannot have a risk of 0.01: our risk must be 0. We cannot run out of energy, as this would seriously compromise our activity”, tells us Nuno Gomes. To respond to this demand for total availability, a rescue energy UPS was implemented for the building, prepared to support critical loads. With a power of 500kW, the MPW solution provided, like the ModSecur IT Room, is redundant and modular, and it can grow in line with the building’s energy needs. It allows the expansion of power capacity while maintaining high levels of protection, availability and redundancy.

A trusted partner

“We need a partner with whom we can build a relationship of trust and who we know will follow us closely. In the very first meetings, an image of great professionalism and reliability was transmitted to us and the fact that the CEO of Maxiglobal, Luis Fernandes de Pinho, accompanied the process at an early stage was of great importance to us”, says Nuno Gomes.


Maxiglobal designs solutions aimed at information security, technical accessibility and business sustainability. Present in the market for over 20 years, it intends to positively impact its customers’ results by preparing their infrastructures for the future through innovation and the sense of commitment that characterize the ModSecur brand.

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