Fafe Municipality implements new ModSecur data center

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ModSecur Micro Datacenter, designed and implemented by Maxiglobal, was the choice of the Fafe Municipality to restructure its technological infrastructure.

The new data center implemented in Fafe meets all the requirements of the City. “The solution we chose offers us physical security and features redundancy of essential components. In addition, it is equipped with a monitoring and alarm system, which is very important to us, as it makes us more relaxed in the face of any problems that may arise”, says Jorge Oliveira, Head of the IT, Modernization Division and Administrative Simplification of the Municipality. ModSecur Micro Datacenter (MDC), being hermetic, allows its implementation in any location, as it does not produce annoying noise, which is “an additional advantage that gives value to the solution”, he adds. ModSecur MDC provides an exponential reduction in infrastructure energy costs, a “must have for any municipality”.

MDC: the right solution

The previous data center had “several physical problems and infiltrations in the place where the racks were”. Jorge Oliveira tells us that “the space itself was not safe and there were several gaps in terms of electricity supply and cooling, as well as poor maintenance”. Currently, Fafe Municipality has a “resilient and completely secure” data center and considers that the implementation of the ModSecur solution was “a 100% won bet”.

Trust in the ModSecur brand

Jorge Oliveira knew that Maxiglobal “works well” and in this project he confirmed “Maxiglobal’s professionalism and the quality of ModSecur products”. He highlights the “intelligent scheduling of installation and migration without interrupting the normal functioning of the Municipality”. The implementation of the data center went “as expected, surpassing expectations, as it was completed before the established deadline”. When asked about the advantages of this micro data center, Jorge Oliveira highlights the “physical security, redundancy of the main equipment and the monitoring and alarm system”.

ModSecur MDC implemented in Fafe includes cooling, fire detection and extinction system, physical and logical security, UPS and even a DCIM management system (ModSecur EMS) that allows remote monitoring of the infrastructure in real time. The solution features redundant HVAC and power systems (UPS), thus ensuring infrastructure availability, continuity and resilience.

All swappable data center

ModSecur MDC is designed to provide continuous operation, providing reliability at all times, including during maintenance and parts replacement processes. It has a modular design and its main components are swappable, which allows maintenance and replacement to be carried out without having to shut down the infrastructure. In this way, the data center remains 100% operational and easily adapts to the constant technological and physical changes of organizations.

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