Why does your organization need a building monitoring system?

A importância da monitorização dos edifícios para o aumento da eficiência das organizações
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Efficiency and sustainability are essential characteristics when it comes to the construction and management of buildings. Nowadays, there is a great demand for solutions that optimize all building maintenance components, such as competence, energy, lighting, among others.

A building monitoring system, known as the BMS has immense advantages. Below, we present the most important ones.

Cost reduction

A BMS system can save a company about 30% in electricity costs. Energy efficiency is one of the main advantages, as this system allows to analyze and monitor electricity consumption, control lighting automatically, automatically turn the ventilation on and off, and adjust the cooling temperature automatically. In addition, automation in building maintenance reduces water resource costs, reduces operating costs and reduces the likelihood of human error and equipment failure.


As energy consumption is reduced, the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere also decreases. A BMS system can act in an integrated way with the building’s hydraulic system, contributing to the reduction of water consumption. This reduces waste and uses resources much more efficiently.

Lower maintenance costs

The diagnostics provided by the BMS systems help organizations to create measures that intend to give an appropriate use to the equipment and help those responsible for it to plan an effective preventive maintenance. Users of these systems can set alerts that warn them whenever there is something outside the normal standard, such as equipment failures or improper access to the site. The BMS collects information about the different sectors of the building and reports the results to the person in charge of the site. Once the problems are identified in a timely manner, it is possible to reduce and prevent failures that force operations to stop.

About ModSecur BMS powered by Maxiglobal

The ModSecur BMS – Building Management System, is a multifunctional data acquisition and control system. It is a control and monitoring software, using appropriate symbology, bearing in mind simplicity, clarity of information and ease of use.

Its main features are as follows:

– Control and monitoring via web browser;

– Monitoring the status of electrical panel protections and measuring network analyzers;

– Monitoring of temperature and humidity;

– Air flow measurement;

– Supervision in the measurement of values ​​from UPS;

– Electronic security systems;

– Alarmistics;

– Notification via email and / or SMS;

– Reporting and graphical analysis;

– User management.

The Modsecur BMS system platform is modular, to offer you exactly what you are looking to monitor. Depending on the characteristics of the building and the needs of the business, new modules can be integrated into the existing platform.

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