The importance of DCIM systems in today’s data centers

A importância dos sistemas DCIM nos data centers atuais
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Remote control and management of your data center whenever you want and from any location is possible. With the implementation of a DCIM tool – Data Center Infrastructure Management – it is possible to have an overview of the entire data center in real time. But what does a DCIM solution consist of?

The DCIM solution is based on an open architecture web platform that offers mobility, flexibility, scalability and resilience. It is supported on standard market hardware with the ability to integrate equipment from a wide range of manufacturers over an IP network. It allows a complete integration of all the equipment crucial for the operation of a critical data center infrastructure. It integrates, among others, the following functionalities: temperature and humidity monitoring; air flow measurements; monitoring of the state of the electrical circuits; current, power and voltage measurements; measures of PUE indices; command and control; dashboards; alarmistics; notifications via email and SMS.

Why should you implement a DCIM solution in your business?

Ensures a holistic view of the data center

On a single screen, DCIM offers an overview of all components of the data center, from IT loads to the rest of the equipment that makes it up, such as cooling, UPS’s, among others.

Increased efficiency

The big challenge for data center managers is knowing how to doing more with less, that is, achieving maximum with the lowest possible energy expenditure. DCIM tools help to manage energy costs in the best way. It gives us an indication, for example, about the best place to install a server from the point of view of energy and cooling, making use of the continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity sensors and energy consumption of each circuit of an electrical panel. It is also able to analyze the PUE calculation, comparing the overall consumption value of the data center with the consumption of IT loads.

Intuitive use

The DCIM system is very intuitive. It consists of web server software that manages the entire data center, a display where all the information about the infrastructure is presented and smart devices and sensors that monitor all components.

Early problem detection

A single data center failure can do a lot of damage to an organization. The data center may have several problems resulting from its operation, such as an increase in temperature that causes damage to components, unexpected stops that completely interrupt the activity, fire, flood or intrusion attempts. Any of these scenarios will certainly cause significant losses for the business, so it is very important to use this type of tools that gives us information about everything that happens, being alerted via SMS or email, whenever a critical situation is detected.

More assertive decision making

DCIM systems provide data that allow companies to make more informed decisions, contributing to a more correct use of all resources. The tool provides an analysis of the recorded data, such as temperatures, humidity and energy consumption.

Total availability

The use of a DCIM solution greatly increases the availability of the data center, regardless of the TIER classification. These solutions are able to monitor electrical circuits, energy consumption, points of failure, hot spots, among many others, with the added advantage of sending alerts in real time. In this way, the preventive maintenance teams act immediately and avoid downtime in the data center.

Maxiglobal develops monitoring solutions to respond to market needs with a flexible and modular structure that allows the integration of any type of equipment or device, through different communication protocols. It can be easily expanded and can manage multiple data centers/IT rooms in different locations.

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